Please note that any figurines that are in the pictures are not from Iron Wind Studios, LLC.  They are shown so that you may see the size relation to our vehicles and are 28mm figurines.

We are not associated with Iron Wind Metals or any of its affiliates.


     We are a game development studio with our current primary focus on miniatures gaming.

We have three Rules Sets that were released in 2013; Main Rules Set -- Firefight 2944 and two expansions Vehicle and Weapon Design Firefight 2944 and Early Stellar Ground Forces.  Our next expansion will cover the conflict between the Neues Bayern Republic and the Tachicha Hegemony and backgrounds of each side.

See Rule Sets page for links to where to purchase.

     We have been very busy creating our vehicle miniatures line, with Four models that are now completed and available for sale.  Please visit the Store Products Link see the details for these vehicles and how to purchase them.  We have several other vehicles still in the design stage; one of them being a Mech, this one is a ways out yet with the complexity of design and creation but we are very excited about the project.

     Terrain has been added to our Product line the pictures of these items are on the Store Product page.

     A future project we have been discussing is doing some How to Videos that we could post on You Tube.   We will give further updates on that as we get them put together.

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